Will I lose my website’s SEO when I change to Empathysites?

No, we follow SEO redesign best practices at Empathysites.

If you are asking this question, you may already know that website redesigns can affect SEO depending on how they are done. If mishandled, you could lose the rankings of your website’s pages. At Empathysites, we redesign websites to best practice to prevent that from happening.

Here are a few ways that we ensure your SEO is carried over.

  • We keep key pieces of content the same including headings, text, images
  • We carry over page meta descriptions and meta page titles
  • We set up permanent redirects for any permalinks that have change
  • We build your site on our SEO friendly site structure and technology which search engines love
  • We include all of our core SEO features (which can actually also boost your ranking if these features are missing from your existing site).

We are highly experienced at following SEO website redesign best practices and are happy to include this in our service so that therapists who are ranking will continue to rank.