What’s Included In My Empathysite Setup And Design?

Included In All Empathysites

  • 7 pages/posts
  • Your Choice Of Template. Choose any template that we have to start off with. All templates are mix-and-match so if you see a feature in another template that you would like implemented on your site, just say so. It’s likely possible.
  • Add Your Logo. If you have a logo file, we can size and place it on your site.
  • Add Your Colors. If you have existing branding assets, like business cards or brochures, we can match the colors. If you do not have colors, we can use inspiration that you give us.
  • Add Your Font Choices. We can customize your template with any combination of fonts that you would like. Find out more about our fonts.
  • Add and Format Your Written Content. Send us your content and we will insert it and add the formatting that it needs for the web. (We will add up to 7 pages/posts)
  • Add Your Photos. Send us photos and we will insert them into any page or post.
  • Connect Social Media Accounts. All Empathysites feature a social media share menu on every page. We will insert and test the links for you.
  • Link Your Client Portal/EHR. If you have an EHR or client portal for secure scheduling, forms, messaging, or more, we can link to your client portal from anywhere on your site.
  • Hook Up Your Google Analytics. Every Empathysite has the ability to be connected to your Google Analytics account.
  • Two Rounds Of Design Revisions. Collaborate with us to ensure your website reflects you. You know yourself and your clients best so we will design in response to your exact feedback.

Need More? Add Ons Available

You may also get setup add ons or anytime add ons. Check out our pricing page to see more on current add ons available.