What’s Included in Empathysites Tech Services?

Empathysites will be taking care of the following for you behind the scenes:

  • Regular and timely updates to WordPress core and plugins. When you get an Empathysite, you get a WordPress-driven website. We’re happy to provide our services through WordPress as it’s the most powerful content management system today. Keeping WordPress and all of it’s functionality up to date is crucial for security as well as keeping your site running the most modern code. We take care of that for you.
  • All sites are on a content delivery network. This network, also known as a CDN, helps make your website faster and more secure. Website speed helps with providing a pleasant website visitor experience and this extra security keeps bad guys out.
  • All sites are hosted on our server. Because we host all Empathysites on our server, it allows us to do the advanced configurations that we do. The hosting that you get at Empathysites is premium-level hosting, comparable to hosting valued at $20/month. We can handle traffic spikes and large sites as well as small ones.
  • Ongoing maintenance of your template including security and speed optimizations. Just like WordPress core and plugins need to be updated, we are on top of maintaining our codebase as well.
  • Regular security scans and backups. Your data is secure with Empathysites. We both scan and regularly backup all of your website’s data and files, like images in your media library, on a regular basis. Combined, this is the best setup for ongoing security and peace-of-mind.