What If I Want To Change Content Before Launching My Site?

When you purchase the Empathysites service, you purchase our design and setup service for the content that you hand us.

If you would like to change your website’s content before completing the design and setup service that you purchased, you may purchase another design and setup service to start the service again with new content.

The service can be purchased as a website redesign, which is an anytime add on (check add on pricing). The redesign add on is another full setup and design service which includes sending new content.

Your site redesign will include

  • Ability to send new content
  • Two rounds of design revisions
  • Launching your site


Because the site redesign can include and entire new setup and design service, we will discuss needed shifts to your project timeline to accommodate your needs. In some cases, we may not be able to schedule you in again until after our project queue which is up to 2 months time during busy seasons.

Another Option: Change Content After Launch

If you only have a handful of content changes needed, you can use your ongoing assistance to request changes to your content one-at-a-time. If you need a content overhaul, a redesign is a better bet as we will be able to insert all of your changes at once. But for 3-4 small changes to content, or changes that you would like to complete gradually over time (like one new page per week), those will easily fit into your ongoing assistance and we’d love to help with those once we launch your site.


Ask us anything about content changes on your site.