What Counts As A Request?

A request is a small task. Some tasks are more complex than others so the best way to demonstrate what may count as a single request is to look at some examples.

Examples of Requests – That Are On One Page

  • Updating the copy on one page
  • Adding a single page to your site
  • Adding one blog post

Examples of Requests – That Are On The Header or Footer

  • Updating the order of the navigation items in the header menu
  • Adding a social media profile link to the footer menu
  • Adding a button to the footer to schedule an appointment

Examples of Requests – That Might Span Multiple Pages

  • Adding one feature to your site (like adding a blog)
  • Updating your contact information throughout the site (phone, email, or address which may appear in the header, footer, and contact page for example)

In addition to considering this list, you may also want to check out what you can request. Note that our assistance request form will also walk you through making a single request plus we are here for you. Ask anything.