How To Transfer Your Domain To An Awesome Registrar

If you already have a domain and need to transfer your domain away from the service with which it is currently registered, this post will give you some tips on transferring your domain.

Our top recommended registrar to transfer to is Namecheap

  • Amazing support
  • The site is easy to use

So here we will outline how to do the transfer process to Namecheap.

1. Locate Your Domain

If you aren’t sure of where your domain is registered, you will want to figure it out and make sure you have access.

Pop your domain name into the whois lookup tool to see where your domain is located.

If you don’t recognize the domain registrar, then you may have purchased your domain through a reseller. Some registrars don’t have their own domains and resell domains or sometimes website platforms resell domains too.

2. Prepare The Domain For Transfer

Once you have access to your domain, you will want to prepare the domain for transfer. In most cases this means you will have to:

  • Unlock the domain
  • Turn off privacy protection
  • Make sure your current email address is listed as the “admin email” for the domain
  • Grab the Authorization code

Every place that you could register a domain will have a different process for this. The best thing to do is research their help documents on “how to transfer my domain” or similar queries. The next best thing: reach out to the support desk. They should be able to guide you on how to prepare your domain for transfer elsewhere.

3. Initiate the Transfer

If you are signing up with Namecheap, feel free to use our link. When you click on the link, you’ll arrive to the Namecheap home page. To start your transfer, navigate to the first item on the primary navigation “Domains” and then click on the subitem “Transfer”

Next, you’ll want to insert your domain name into the box.

Then, you’ll start the checkout process:

Namecheap will verify for you if your domain was unlocked correctly. So first check to be sure your domain is unlocked.

Also Namecheap is asking about the admin email and privacy protection. These are things you do need to take care to complete when preparing your domain for transfer on the current domain registrar/reseller side.

You’ll also be able to insert your Authorization Code that your current domain registrar/reseller provided you with.

Then, checkout!

4. Click And Agree To The Email

After you have checked out, within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email that will ask you to click a link. The link will lead to a page where you can agree to the standard regulations for domain registration with your new registrar to allow the transfer.

5. Wait

Depending on where you are transferring from, domain transfers can take from 2-7 days. The website platforms like wix, weebly, or other resellers tend to take longer.

6. Get And Email From Namecheap When Your Transfer Is Complete

You will receive an email in your inbox when your domain transfer is complete! Yay!



Further Notes:

What Does The Cost Include?

When you complete a domain transfer, you are purchasing 1 more year of registration on your domain. The remaining time on your registration will not be cancelled.

So if your domain had 6 more months until it expired and then you complete a transfer. Your domain will then be registered for 1 year plus the 6 months too.


Not Using Namecheap?

The transfer process will be similar no matter what registrar you transfer to. Most registrars worth using will have thorough documentation on how to transfer a domain to them and away from them.



Get More Help

Guidance on the transfer process is included when you sign up for Empathysites, so you may also reach out to support anytime.