How To Set Up Your End-Of-Blog-Post Author Box

At the end of every blog post, you can set up an author box with an image of you as well as a short paragraph bio.

The result will look like this:

To Set Up An Author Box, Simply Set Up Your User Profile

1. Log In And Go To “Profile”

Once you log into your website, you will want to locate your Profile admin page. Your Profile contains your personal information, including email, biography, and links to your social networks. You can access it from the left panel after you’re logged in to your website.

2. Upload Your Author Box Picture

From the profile page, you’ll also be able to upload your photo. Please upload a photo in .jpg or .png file format, preferably cropped in a square dimension. This will be the photo that will appear in your Author Box. If you don’t see this section, contact us through our request form.

3. Fill Out Your Biographical Info

Scroll down to see the section where you’ll need to input your social media links and your biography. It is required that you insert a biographical info in order for your author box to appear, the social fields are optional.

4. Click “Update Profile” Button

Once you’ve completed inserting an image and biographical info, click the “UPDATE PROFILE” button and that’s it, you’re done! Every time you post a blog article, the Author Box will appear at the bottom of the post.

Test It Out: Visit A Blog Post And View Your Live Author Box

If you’d like to view your new author box, head over to any blog post of which you are an author and your Author Box will be there. Cool!

If you would like further help with your author box, reach out to support.

OPTION 2: Set Up and Use Gravatar For Your Author Box Image

If you’re interested in setting up and using a Gravatar for your author box image, here’s a step by step on how to do it.

First, Set Up A Gravatar Account

Your Gravatar acccount is where we grab the *image* of your Author Box from. So you will need to set up your free Gravatar account if you do not already have one. Here is how:

1. Start Creating Your Own Gravatar

By heading to and pushing the big blue “Create Your Own Gravatar” Button

2. Next, insert your email address, create a username and password

3. Then, Confirm Your Account

When you push the “Sign up” button, you will get a confirmation email sent to you. Here is what the confirmation page will say right along the top

And here is what you will get in your email inbox. Simply click the link that says “Activate Account” to activate your account.

4. Yay! You Have An Account. Sign In To Gravatar

When you click the link in your email, you’ll be signed in to your account and be provided a link to “Sign in to Gravatar”. Click the button to continue with setting up your Gravatar.

5. Add Your Image

The image that you add here is what we will pull into your Author Box. Go ahead and upload your image. Here’s how.

First, click the link that says “Add one by clicking here” after the notification that says “…looks like you don’t have any images yet!”

You will be provided some option to get an image into your account. We suggest simply uploading an image from your computer. So you may select, “Upload New”

Next, you can upload your image from your computer by selecting the “Browse” button. Once you have browsed and selected an image from your computer, you may select “Next”

Then Gravatar will ask that you crop your image. On this screen you can get a preview of what your Author Box image will look like based on the crop.

Then, choose a rating for your picture (G rating of course)

6. Add Your Email Addresses

Sometimes, you may wish to have multiple email addresses on your Gravatar. One case in which you will want to add another email address is if you signed up for your Empathysite with a different email than the one you just signed up with for Gravatar, you will want to add your Empathysite email address here as well.

If you ever need to add another email address to your Gravatar, here is how you do it, through the “Add email address” link when you are logged in:


Second, Add Your Author Box Bio

Now that you have your Gravatar set up, the image is taken care of! Second step is to go ahead and insert your Author Box Bio into your Empathysite.

Log into your admin for your Empathysite and you’ll see the admin dashboard. From there, you can locate your “Profile”

On the profile page, scroll down and you can make sure the email address that you have on your profile matches one of the email addresses in your Gravatar account.

Then, keep scrolling and you can insert your “Biographical Info”

You will also see a preview here of your image. Once you are finished inserting your Biographical Info, scroll down and push “Update” and you are all done!

Note: If your email address in your Gravatar does not match the email in your Empathysite profile, then you will not see your image and you will want to update your email address on your Empathysite profile or simply add a second email address to your Gravatar account.

Finally, Visit A Blog Post And View Your Live Author Box

Once you’ve gotten your Gravatar and inserted your Biographical Info on your Profile page, head over to any blog post of which you are an author and your Author Box will be there. Cool!

If you would like further help with your author box, reach out to support.