If You Don’t See Updates To Your Site: How To Clear Your Cache

The Problem

We make updates for you to your website but when you visit your website yourself, you don’t see the change. It can be very frustrating.

In many cases though, the change is, in fact, on your website but the change isn’t coming through for you on your internet browser (a browser is what you are accessing the internet through such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).

So here’s what to do so you can see your live website:

Here’s How To See Your Website

  • Visit the page and refresh
  • Open your internet browser settings and clear the cache (for Google Chrome, for Mozilla Firefox, for Safari on Mac)
  • Try a different internet browser
  • Try the same browser but using “incognito” or “private” mode
  • Try a different device – if you are using your laptop, try using your phone or vice versa

Why Do I Need To Do This?

In order to make websites load faster, browsers do something called “caching,” which is a nerdy way of saying they store your website in their short term memory.

In some cases after we make a change, you see the short term memory of the site instead of the actual site coming through. The list of ideas above are ways to see your live website instead.

If You Still Don’t See The Change

Please give the above ideas a try. If you still do not see the change on your side, let us know and we can look further into it. Just reach out.