How To Put Videos On Your Website

Always Upload Your Video Elsewhere And Embed

It’s best practice to upload your video to video hosting and from there, you may use the link or embed features at Empathysites to insert the video. The two places we recommend that you upload your video are:

  • (free and bonus that it’s the second largest search engine)
  • (free or paid)

What Type Of Video Are You Inserting?

  • For an intro video, we recommend that you embed it at the top of your home page or at the top of your about page
  • For a collection of 3-5 videos
    • You can have a “videos” page
    • You can incorporate them into blog posts over time
  • For ongoing video content or vlogs
    • You can incorporate them into blog posts over time

Further Free Guidance

Check out more in-depth look at different ways of featuring video on your website and also a special, free video training in which part 1 is about where to place your video and part 2 is intro video next steps.

Ideas For The How-To of Embedding Video

  1. For blog posts and regular text areas of any page or post on your website, you can simply copy and paste the link of the video
  2. If you’d like to use the embed options of the video host, of YouTube or Vimeo, you can also use a html module or switch to the “Text” tab of any text editor module
  3. Advanced: You can also create a saved row and use a shortcode to embed the video in sidebars too!