Who Owns What? The Website, The Content, And The Domain?


Empathysites memberships include the purchase and ongoing registration and management of a domain on your behalf.

Even though Empathysites will purchase a domain, the domain itself always belongs to you. When we purchase your domain, you will be listed as the registrant of the domain. We will list our company as the Technical, Billing, and Admin contact for the domain.

Should you decide to leave Empathysites, we fully cooperate with you or your next website solution to put the domain into your own account separate from Empathysites services.


Your website content always belongs to you. Content includes: your logo files, your provided graphic files, your images, your written content too.

We take regular backups of your entire website for you but you may also reach out to support and request an export file of your content at any time.


The design of your website is copyright Empathysites and belongs to Empathysites.  Design includes the unique combination of colors, fonts, styles, graphics, patterns, textures, and layouts that we create or provide for you.

While you are with Empathysites, we give you permission to use the design and any design customizations we make. If you choose to stop using Empathysites as your website solution, you may not re-create your website design elsewhere.

Terms and Conditions

Please read our full terms and conditions for further information about topics like these.