Is Paying 75/month Required?

Yes. Empathysites is a subscription-based website design and care service. It includes the entire package of an Empathysite’s design, tech, and ongoing assistance services.

Therapists with Empathysites benefit from the ongoing value that we provide. If you are looking for a one-and-done website designer, we are not the right fit.

Our ongoing model also means that you save money. At only $600 to set up a 7-page website, and only $75/mo ongoing for any updates or website assistance you may need, the pricing helps you cut costs.

Most website designers will charge $3,000-$10,000 for a therapist website and you still need to hire help a few times a year to make updates. We know it’s true because we used to sell 3k+ websites, we would launch the site, and then the therapist would come back and hire us for an additional $600-800 per year for updates they wanted to make.

From years of helping therapists, we know we provide an exceptional service that makes financial sense.

That said, Empathysites isn’t for everyone. Please reach out if you want help determining if Empathysites is your right-fit or if you have any questions about how our pricing works.