I’m in a Rush! Can I Get My Request Completed Faster?

Empathysites operates on a 24-72 hour support cycle, which is fast already. Our support cycle is designed around what we’ve found will allow us to deliver both consistent quality and a consistent experience to all of our members equally.

If you have experience sending us requests previously, you may mention in your request that you are in a rush and in need of a quick turnaround if possible. In some cases we may be able to accommodate your request. Making sure that your request is clear and complete by taking care to fill out your assistance request with care will also help your request be completed faster.

Typically, we recommend that you try and anticipate your website needs far enough in advance so that you may request assistance without the rush.

You also have 24/7 access to the admin of your site. You are welcome to log into your site and complete your update (or get help from a friend to do so) so that you may complete your task within your tight timeline. Your video manual and searching the articles here in the Empathysites Help Center could help empower you to complete a task on your own too.