How To Set Up Mailchimp Single Optin Subscribe Forms

By default, all Mailchimp forms will double optin. Through our page builder subscribe form module, we can manage redirection to any page you’d like.

However, if you wish to set up a single optin along with manage the confirmation thank you page to which a new subscriber is redirected, here’s how:

1. Turn Off Double Optin

Login to your MailChimp account and click on “Lists”

To the upper right, click the button that says, “Opt-In Settings”

Uncheck the box that corresponds with the list you would like to turn off Double Optin on and push the Save button

You have now turned off double opt-in for your list.

2. Set Up Confirmation Thank You

If you would like a subscriber to be taken to a page once they complete your form, you will want to set up a confirmation thank you page from within your MailChimp account.

Open your list and then click on “Signup Forms”

Next, click on “Form builder”

Next, you will want to use the drop down to access the Confirmation thank you page.

Next, you will want to copy and paste the link of your Confirmation thank you page into the box where it reads “Instead of showing this thank you page send subscribers to another URL”

Insert the link and press save.

Your subscribers will now be redirected to that page when they complete the subscription form on your website.

3. Grab The Copy and Paste Code For An Unstyled Form

In order for the subscribe form to use single optin, we have to embed the form directly from the MailChimp generated code.

Here’s how to grab the code for us to insert.

Open your list and then click on “Signup Forms”


Click on “Embedded Forms”


Click on “Unstyled” along the top navigation and then copy and paste the code where it says “Copy/paste onto your site”

You may copy and paste this code into a document or email to us and we will be able to insert it on your site.