How To Set Up G Suite With Empathysites

Setting Up G Suite With Empathysites

The video will walk you through all of the steps and in addition, below you’ll find all of the steps summarized.

G Suite Setup Steps (Part 1)

  1. Start your sign up for G Suite using our link (full disclosure, it’s our affiliate link so it doesn’t cost you anything to use it but we do receive a commission)
  2. Select the “Basic” level
  3. Follow the steps to insert your information. Note that your “username” is your desired email address
  4. During the “Choose your payment plan” step, insert the promo code that we provide for you to get 20% off for your first year
  5. Once you’ve completed the setup, you’ll be at
  6. From that admin page, click the button at the top that says “Setup” and then the same button that will update to read “Verify Domain”
  7. Next, you will be asked to “Add a meta tag to your homepage” but instead, we need a TXT record. So go to the drop down in the box where it says “Choose a different method” and select “Add a domain host record (TXT or CNAME)
  8. Once you do, you can move through the first two steps as if you have completed them. We will be completing them for you on our side.
  9. In the third box you should see the TXT value which looks like “google-site-verification” followed by 52 additional characters and appears in a box under “Value / Answer / Destination”
  10. Copy the entire value by highlighting the value and then paste it into an email to us, you can reply to this email

While you wait for us to put the TXT value in place, you can always keep the tab open or return to it by going to

G Suite Setup Steps (Part 2)

  1. Return to the G Suite setup by going to
  2. Continue with the “Add a domain host record (TXT or CNAME)” method for verifying your domain. You can check all of the boxes as they are now completed – and then click the “Verify” button
  3. Google will need about an hour to see if the TXT value is in place so you can close the window and check back with it in an hour at Or just leave the tab open and return to it
  4. Next it may walk you through some steps for inserting the MX records. We will have already taken care of that for you so you’ll just want to check any walk-through boxes to let G Suite know that it’s already completed.
  5. Once you complete the setup, you should be able to email yourself from your another email account and verify that it goes through to your new account. Log into your new account at
  6. Optional: If you have an existing gmail account that you would like to forward mail from that account to your new G Suite,  here’s some documentation we found on setting up forwarding to help you with that.

Reach G Suite Support Desk

If you get stuck with the G Suite side of things, G Suite has an awesome support desk that you may reach through a 24 hour phone line at 1-877-355-5787 (if you have a support pin) or the sales and setup team at 1-877-438-1527 which is available 8am to 8pm in the USA if you do not yet have a support pin.

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