How To Set Up Google Mail With Empathysites

Setting Up Google Mail With Empathysites

The video will walk you through all of the steps and in addition, below you’ll find all of the steps summarized.

Google Mail Setup Steps (Part 1)

Start your sign up for Google Mail using our link (full disclosure, it’s our affiliate link so it doesn’t cost you anything to use it but we do receive a commission)

Select the “Business Starter” level

Follow the steps to insert your information.

When asked “How do you want to set up Google Workspace?” select “With a address”

And “Does your business have a domain?” select “Yes I have one”

Insert your domain e.g., “” when asked what your domain is (note: do not insert www. or anything)

When prompted for “How you’ll sign in” – insert what you’d like for your desired email address alias. For example, if I would like to set up “” then I would insert “kat”

Next, when offered the Business Starter plan. Click the “user / month” drop down and then “Change payment plan”

Then switch to the “annual plan” for lower pricing

We have promo codes! Please request one and you can insert it at the bottom of the pricing box

Then proceed with your check out including your billing information.

When prompted to “upgrade for “Boost productivity with generative AI” scroll down and click “Skip for now”

Then you will get welcomed to the google admin!

It will offer you a tour, click “Next” until you get through to “Welcome, let’s set up Google Workspace”

Then, click “PROTECT”

Then it will give you more directions that you can ignore.

Instead scroll down to “NEXT: GO TO STEP 2”

Then, you’ll be in step 2 “Add verification record” and you’ll want to scroll to “(b) Fill out the form:” and copy the value in the “TXT Value” box. If you click within the box, it will copy the whole value. Please email the value to us

While you wait for us to put the TXT value in place, you can always keep the tab open or return to it by going to

Google Mail Setup Steps (Part 2)

If you didn’t leave the tab open, you can return to the setup by going to and looking for the link to “Protect Domain.” Once there, go ahead and Continue with the “Protect Domain” process.

Locate the link in step 2 “Add verification record” and you’ll want to scroll to the very bottom and click “PROTECT DOMAIN”

It may take a few minutes, but eventually will give you a green check mark that says “Great job! is protected”

From here, scroll down to hit the “Continue” button to move on to creating users. But note that most therapists don’t need more than one user. Perhaps if you’re a group practice and need to add email users for staff, admin, or clinicians, this may make sense. Otherwise, you can just “X” out!

Next, in your area, you should see the “Welcome” page. In item 3 is “Activate Gmail for” click the word “ACTIVATE”

Click “I’M READY TO ACTIVATE” in the popup

Next, you’ll see step 1 is to “Find your DNS records or settings” with some directions. You can ignore the directions and scroll down

And click “NEXT: GO TO STEP 2”

Next, you’ll see in step 2 “Add the Google MX record” which you can ignore and scroll down as we have already anticipated this step and installed for you.


It may take a couple minutes but should eventually go through! Seeing a blue checkmark next to the text “Great job! MX records are updated” means you’re all good.

Congratulations on setting up your GMAIL

(If you didn’t add users and it’s still showing that you need to do that, you can skip it! To get back to your admin panel, scroll to the bottom and click the link “or skip for now”

Next, Please Test Your Account By Emailing Yourself

Once you complete the setup, you should be able to email yourself from another email account and verify that it goes through to your new account. To see that you got the email to your new account, log into your new account at with the email address and password you set up in this process for your Google account.

Setting Up Forwarding From Current Gmail Address To Your New One

If you have an existing Gmail account that you would like to forward mail from that account to your new Gmail,  here’s some documentation we found on setting up forwarding to help you with that.

Reach G Suite Support Desk

If you get stuck with the Google side of things, Google has support.

If you can sign into then follow these steps to reach google support through your admin console.

If you cannot sign in, review their documentation on can’t sign in.

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