How To Send Content

How To Send Content

This video shares how to get your content over to Empathysites.

Organizing Content

Written Content Tips

  • Create a file for each page
  • Use formatting in the document itself like horizontal lines, tables, headings, and bold text to communicate any of your formatting ideas

For images you can send a large group of images and we’ll suggest placement on your site or if you have ideas about where images should go, you can let us know where you want each image to be placed.

3 Ways To Let Us Know Where To Put Images (Optional)

  1. Update the file name of the image. Something like “kat-love-therapist-berkeley-ca-home-page-top.jpg” includes the suggested location of the file
  2. Include a written “notes” file and describe where you’d like the images to go
  3. Insert the image into the written files (however, note that you will still want to send us the full size image file in addition. Inserting images direct into written files is to let us know where you want images to go only).

File Formats To Send

Written Content

  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .rtf
  • .txt


  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png


  • .ai
  • .eps
  • .png

Downloadable Content

(Any content you want a website visitor to be able to download like client consent form or a practice policy document)

  • .pdf

Two Ways To Send Your Content To Us

  1. Send content via email
  2. Send content via cloud storage

How To Send Content Via Email

Simply send us a series of emails with your content as attachments. In some cases, if image files are large, you may need to send 1-3 images per email.

How To Send Content Via Cloud Storage

For this you may use any cloud storage solution that enables you to share content via a link. Examples include Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

The concept of how to share via cloud storage is the same no matter what platform you use:

  1. Upload your content to a cloud
  2. Get shareable link
  3. Email us the link

When generating the sharable link, make sure the link is set for anyone to view. You can test out your own link by opening up a private window and inserting your link. If you see the files and can download them, your link is working.

Questions? Need Help?

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