How To Securely Share Passwords With Us

How To Securely Share Passwords With Us

  • Go to
  • This encrypted web form can be used to securely share information with us.
  • Do not use email or other forms on our site. Our secure form is the only form that is encrypted and therefore secure for sensitive information like passwords.

What To Send

When we request for you to share a password, we will have requested the information that we need. In most cases though you will need to include:

  • Login Username – the username or email address you use to login
  • Login Password – the password you use
  • Login Link – where you login

Formatting Your Shared Info

When you send your information, be sure to include some note as to what is what. Here’s an example of what you could insert that would make sense:

Login Username: KatIsCool
Login Password: 123456badpw
Login Link:

And then you can repeat that for any further logins that we requested.

Caution: What Not To Share

For the digital security of your practice, we request that you never share any of the following logins:

  • Do Not Share: Electronic health record (EHR) logins
  • Do Not Share: Scheduler logins
  • Do Not Share: Email logins
  • Do Not Share: Any other logins that may grant us access to private health information of your clients

Empathysites is not cleared to come into contact with your client’s protected health information (PHI). If we recieve this information on accident, we will not login however sharing the information with us is a breach of ethical practices you ought to have in place for digital security.

If we need to set up website-side features for any of the items on the “not to share” list, like a scheduler embed feature, we will help guide you on how to retrieve the information from within the website yourself.