How To Provide Great Revisions

What To Revise

Revisions are how we ensure your website really reflects you visually. Please send feedback and revisions on:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Layouts and alignments
  • Image placements
  • Any and all things visual

Note: Revisions Are Not For Written Content Updates

When you purchase the Empathysites service, you purchase our design and setup service for the content that you hand us. This means that revisions focus on the design of your site with the existing content. (Read our help article on what happens if you’d like to update your content before launch).

Good vs. Bad Revisions

Example of A Good Revision Item

“The beige color used in the sidebar area is a bit too bright. Can we make it more gray? Similar to the gray seen on this website [insert link].”

Why is this a good revision item?

  1. Describe the location of the revision (sidebar)
  2. State the issue (color is too bright)
  3. Describe desired change (make the color more gray)
  4. Point to an exact example if needed (included a link)

An example of a bad revision item

“The whole design needs more pop!!!”

Why is this a bad revision item?

  1. No specific location
  2. The issue is subjective or open to personal interpretation (what does pop mean?)
  3. No a description of the desired change to be made
  4. Doesn’t include an example to demonstrate what change is needed

Try to keep your revision items specific, descriptive, and use examples when possible.

Be Honest!

Be honest with your feedback and revisions. We won’t judge you or take it personally.

It is the mission of Empathysites to help you connect with those you can truly help. To do that, your site needs to be a reflection of you and also be shaped by tapping into where you feel your clients are so let’s collaborate on making the best experience for them on your site.

Using The Revision Document

The document is a starting off point for how to send revisions to us.

You’ll see that the document organizes revisions based on location, which will help us understand where on your site you would like a change.

For instance, you’ll want to place revisions that are in the header area of your website, the logo/name, call to action, and navigation area, in a single list or you could also create new lists for each of these locations.

For other areas or pages on your site, feel free to create lists as needed to be able to communicate all of your desired revisions with us.

Ready? Email Us Your Revisions

Once you have completed adding your revision items to your revision document, you may email the document to us. If you need to include any further files, you can upload them to the revisions folder.

Email us at We look forward to getting your revisions.