How To Create And Copy The Address of a Hushmail Contact Form

At Empathysites, we can create a Hushmail secured contact form on your therapy website.

If you are using the new Secure Form Builder provided by Hushmail, we’ll simply need the URL of a form created on that account to set up your Hushmail secured contact form for you.

Important Note On Form Fields

Before we dive in, note that the form on your site will only have name, email, phone, and message fields regardless of what you build on the Hushmail form builder. We’ll just be using Hushmail technology as a secure and encrypted method for sending the simple form that we create on our side.

Creating a form and setting up an address allows us to hook into their system securely with the form that we have available.

With that sorted, here are the steps to grabbing the info we need to set up your contact form:

Step 1. Sign In

To get the URL, sign into the Forms interface at

Step 2. Create Form

Next, create a new contact form by selecting “Create Form”

Step 3. Select Secure Contact Form

Then select the “Secure Contact Form” template and “Use this template”

Step 4. Copy the Form Public Web Address

Once you selected to use the template, you’ll then see a Form Public Web Address in the yellow box at the top of the page (for example, “”). Please copy and paste this Form Public Web Address over to us via email.


Once we get the address, we can set up a Hushmail secure contact form on your Empathysite. If you get stuck or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out for support.