How Long Will It Take To Complete My Request?

We initiate all requests within a 24-72 hour support cycle.

There is no firm rule on how long it may take to complete your request. For very simple requests, we tend to be able to complete those faster while more complex requests can take longer or span over a few day’s time of correspondence with you.

You are always invited to share feedback, revisions, and edits to your request until you are satisfied with how it was implemented. The creative process is collaborative. We’ll implement, you’ll have time to review and revise, and then we can update again for you. Revisions are unlimited.

However, due to how we love allowing for this creative process, it makes it difficult to say how long completion may take. It’s not possible to promise a certain turn around time on your request.

The value of our process is that it includes the space for creativity and revisions. Our promise to you is that we’ll always do our very best with completing your requests.