When You Might Need A Domain Transfer

If you are coming to Empathysites with a domain that you would like to use, we can certainly connect your existing domain to your Empathysite. However, in some cases, you may need to transfer the domain to a new registrar to be securely separated and registered in your name prior to us being able to complete the domain’s connection to Empathysites.

Examples of When You Might Need To Transfer Your Domain

It is not common that you’ll need to transfer your domain but here are two examples of cases in which a transfer could be needed:

  • The domain was purchased for you by someone else in their domain registrar
  • The domain was purchased through a DIY platform like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly

Helping you identify if you need to transfer your domain is part of the Empathysites service. During our setup process, we will research your existing domain with you and discover together how to best proceed with a transfer should you need one.

Things To Know: Fees and Time

Transferring a domain to a completely new registrar is not complicated but it will entail an extra cost and extra time.

When you transfer your domain to a new registrar, you will pay for another year of domain registration at the new registrar. This fee is not paid to Empathysites but to the new registrar.

In terms of timing, note that a domain transfer can from 2 days to 8 days to go through.

How To Complete A Transfer

Transferring domains is not an included service of Empathysites, however, we do support you on completing your domain transfer with some guidance. In many cases, the support desks of the services you are transferring between will be better for the nitty gritty support, but we are happy to be there for you to answer questions, translate confusing language into normal people language, guide you on what to do next, and what to expect.

We also walk you through how to do a transfer to an awesome registrar step-by-step in a article here on the knowledge base. Check it out! And of course, we’re here for you for any further assistance.