Create a Subscribe Form For Your Email List


The Empathysites page builder allows you to create and insert a subscribe form into any page. Use columns, headings, text editors, and the subscribe form module to create your form. If it’s your first time inserting a form onto your site, the subscribe form module will need to have your email marketing software hooked up to it via a unique api code that you generate in your user account within your email marketing software.

Tip: If you already have a subscribe form on your Empathysite and just want it to be repeated on several pages, you can launch the page builder on the page on which the pre-existing form exists, save the subscribe form row as a global row, and then it will appear in your page builder as a drag-and-drop element that you may drop into any page.


Launch the page builder for the page you would like to create and add a subscribe form to.


  • Select columns
  • Style the background color for the row
  • Style the width and padding

Add Optin Form Copy

Drag and drop over a text editor or headings to create your optin form copy. How is a heading different from a text editor? A heading module has some options that enable you to resize the text on mobile making it a good option if you are using supersized text in an optin.

Insert and Connect the Subscribe Form

Drag and drop the subscribe form module into your row. You will be asked to choose your email marketing app and for the api key.

Here are some ideas of how to get your api key for some of the popular providers.

If you don’t see your provider on the above list, you may google something like, “name of app how to get api key”

Once you have grabbed your key from your email marketing provider, you can insert it into the subscribe module. Go through the options being sure to set if you would like the form to redirect or show a message.

Double Optin, Single Optin?

The double or single optin settings for the form will need to be set through your email marketing software. Lookup how to setup double optins or single optins in your email marketing software’s knowledge base or help documents.