Content Migration

Content Migration

What info to get over to Empathysites so that we can complete your content migration.

What To Send

  1. Header and footer formulas
  2. Migration spreadsheet
  3. New content (documents, images, logo files, etc)

1. Header and Footer Formula

In many cases, you’ll already have received and filled out your header and footer formulas as we will have shared those with you in our free preparation materials. If not, you’ll have another opportunity to download and fill them out in the link we send you for content migration documents.

Just fill these out and include them in the content you send us.

2. Migration Spreadsheet

The Migration Spreadsheet has two tabs:

  1. “To Migrate”
  2. “New Content”
“To Migrate” Tab

The “To Migrate” tab will already have a list of your public pages and posts listed.

  1. First, check to make sure we have captured all of your pages and posts
  2. Next, go through each listed page or post and indicate if you would like to have that page or post migrated by putting a “Yes” to “No” in the “Migrate” column.

We will have already set a count up within the spreadsheet to count how many pages you are requesting be migrated. This will help you ensure you are within the number of pages and posts purchased for your setup.

“New Content” Tab (Optional)

This tab is only for if you have further content that you’d like to send us in addition to your website migration.

To let us know what new content you would like us to add to your website, let us know what new pages, posts, images, or graphic files you will be sending to us and provide us with any relevant notes on each item.

Notes might include things like where you’d like the image to go or if you’d like a file to replace something (example: “this is my new logo file, please use this on the website instead of the logo on my current site”).

3. New Content

If you are sending new content for us to put onto your website during your setup you will want to have that content ready to send along with the header, footer, and spreadsheet.

To Send Your Documents And Content: Watch The Video On How To Send Content

Once you have your documents together, check out our video and notes on how to send content for ideas on how to get your documents and content over to us.

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