Connect Subscribe Forms to AWeber

After logging into your website, head to a page on which a subscribe form appears and activate the page builder

Once the page builder is active, hover and click on the subscribe form

Now we’ll want to register your AWeber. Do that by first selecting “AWeber” then giving your connection a name, it could be any name, like your own name. Then click “Register Now” link.

You’ll then be redirected to a page to give your Empathysite access to your AWeber. Just fill in your login information and proceed.

Next you’ll just push the connect button back on your Empathysite.

Once that is complete, you can select any further settings as needed like selecting which list you’d like your subscribe form to connect to. Once your settings are in place, save out the changes in the subscribe form in the page builder and head to the Done button at the top of the page. Click “Done.”

And then “Publish”

Your subscribe form is now connected to your AWeber account! We also recommend trying it out by subscribing yourself to your email list.