How To Change, Add, or Remove Your Address In The Footer


The footer contains a widget that displays your businesses address. You can change your address or remove it completely through accessing your widgets. This article will show you how.

Tip: Using this widget with your address increases your chances of being found in local search. If you choose not to use it, you may be missing out on being matched with local search queries.

Here is The Step-by-Step

Login and navigate to the front of your site. When you scroll down you should see your website’s footer with the address in place.

In the top admin bar, click on “Customize”

Then, click “Widgets” then “Footer Column 1” then “ES – Footer Address” to unfold the Footer Address widget.

You can fold and unfold the Footer Address widget using the little black triangle icon. And you can also remove the widget all together by clicking the red “Remove” link at the bottom of the widget.

As you edit, you will see the changes being updated live. It may take a second or two to load but it allows you to see what your changes will look like before hitting the save button. And it’s very important that you hit the save button otherwise your work will be lost. So once you have updated your address, you can push “Save & Publish” and your changes will be saved and published to your site for the world to see.

Add The Footer Address Back Again

To add the Footer Address widget back again, navigate again to the Customizer by clicking on “Customize” then navigating to “Widgets” then “Footer Column 1”. Then click the “Add a Widget” button and you can scroll through the available widgets. Locate and click on “ES – Footer Address” and it will be inserted in the widget area for you to fill in with your address information.