How To Change Background Images

Empathysites templates use background images. You can tell that an image is a background image if it is filling 100% of the height and width of a row or column.

To change background images with your own images, you must activate the page builder and locate either the Row Settings or Column settings, depending on if the background image is inserted as a background for a column or a row. Let’s walk through it together.

Activate The Page Builder

When you are logged in, you can activate the page builder for your page.

Don’t worry about the Add Content sidebar, you may close it for more space to work.

Access the Row Settings

Hover over the row in which the background image appears. When you do this, you will see a small toolbar in the upper left or lower left hand corner. Click on the wrench icon to access the “Row Settings”

Edit or Replace The Background Image

When clicking on “Row Settings” you will get a modal window with all of the settings for the row. By default, you will be on the “Style” tab of the settings so you don’t have to change which tab you are on. Simply scroll down in the settings window until you reach “Background Photo.” There you will be able to Edit or Replace your background photo!


To Change A Background Image On A Column:

Start By Accessing The “Edit Column” Settings For a Column

Edit or Replace The Background Photo