Can I Use The Domain I Already Have For My Empathysite?

In terms of using the domain that you already have, yes, we are able to use your existing domain. 

What that will look like is we’ll ask for one time access to the domain’s settings at your domain registrar. Then we’ll build your site at Empathysites. Once we’ve inserted your content and done your website customizations, we’ll connect your domain to your Empathysite.

Since Empathysites does not offer a domain transfer service, it’s important to note that even after your website is launched with us, we will not be registering or paying for your domain ongoing.

Your existing domain will remain in your account. Domain registration is pretty affordable ($7-12/year) and you can set it to auto-renew in your account. 

If you have further questions about how using an existing domain works, reach out to the team and we’d be happy to answer anything.