Can I Use The Content On My Current Website On My Empathysite?

Yes! Of course.

There are two ways to get your existing website content onto your Empathysite

1. Send Us Your Content

When you first sign up for Empathysites, we’ll invite you to send us your website content. The first way we can get that content onto your Empathysite during your website setup and design service is for you to simply save the content, including images, written content, and more and email the content to us.

Check out our article on how to send content to preview what sending content is like.

When To Choose This Option

Sending us your content by saving it and sending it to us is a great option for small websites or websites that have content that you’d also like to edit heavily. That way, you can save your old content to a document, edit it, and then send it over to us so that your updated content can be launched on your site.

2. Get Your Content Migrated By Us

The second way to get your existing content onto your Empathysite is to get our content migration Add On. As an Add On, the content migration service is available at an additional fee.

Our Content Migration service includes up to 30 pages/posts migrated from your current website to your Empathysite. During the migration, our team will grab written text, images, blog post meta information like dates, tags, categories, and important links or embedded items.

Content migration will also allow you to let us know if you have any new pages or any updated pages so you may blend your existing content with new content too.

Check out our article on how to do a content migration to preview how our service can help you.

When To Choose This Option

Getting a Content Migration is a good choice when you have a large website or you are too busy to save and send content to us and prefer the ease of getting it done-for-you.

Ask Us Anything

If you’d like further help understanding your options with getting content over to Empathysites for your website setup and design, just reach out. We’re here to help