Can I Have A Shop On My Empathysite?

As far as a selling a product on your Empathysite, we don’t include eCommerce natively, so if you want to have an item available for purchase direct on an Empathysite then you have two options:

  1. Find an embeddable payment solution that can accept payment for your product and notify you of any sales to you can fulfill the sale. One example of this is PayPal which has “buy now” buttons that you can embed on your website.
  2. There are also full eCommerce solutions that can handle the payment and delivery that you may link to with “buy now” buttons from a sales page on your site. One example of this is Gumroad which allows you to accept payment for and send a digital product.

Is Your Selected Service Compatible? Just Ask

Note that for embeddable options beyond PayPal buy now buttons, we ask that you reach out to us before purchasing, setting up, or trying to implement them on your site.

Not all solutions will be compatible with Empathysites, so contact us and ask. We’d be happy to look into what you have in mind.

Further Questions?

Have further questions about what’s possible on your Empathysite? Contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer anything.