Are There Any Hidden or Additional Fees?

There are no hidden or additional fees at Empathysites. Empathysites service is all-inclusive and you do not have to pay more for any  assistance request we offer.

There are some extras that depending on your situation and needs, you may wish to opt for:

Design Add Ons

  • Add Pages – 5 for $79, 10 for $139
  • Additional Revisions Rounds – $49
  • Content Migration – $249 for up to 30 pages/posts

Anytime Add Ons

  • Add On Domain Management – $30/year
  • Site redesign – $299
  • Domain change – $67(change to a new domain)

These are the only add ons available.

Curious if you need an add on? We will get more clear during phases 1&2. Or, if you wish to know in advance, we can let you know before you sign up. Just contact us, share a bit about your unique situation, and we are happy to let you know if these add ons could beneficial for you.