Add A Subscribe Form To A Sidebar


Empathysites runs a page builder on pages but not on the blog post sidebar. In order to get a subscribe form that has been built with the page builder into the blog post sidebar, we can create a page builder template and insert the template into a sidebar text widget with a simple shortcode containing the name of the template.

Here is the step-by-step:

If it’s not already activated for you, you may need to reach out to support to activate the Templates admin, this will give you access to all of the page builder templates on your site. Check if it has been activated by looking for “Templates” in your side panel in your WordPress admin.

Once you have access, create a new template by going to “Templates” then “Add New”

Name your new template something in the title box.

Tip: copy and paste the name of your new template somewhere safe as you will need to know this information for later.

Then launch the page builder to build your subscribe form by pushing the blue page builder button.

Once you have built the subscribe form, save it.

Navigate to the blog page where you can see the sidebar and activate the Customizer using the “Customize” link in the header admin nav bar.

Navigate to “Widgets” -> “Primary Sidebar” -> then click the “Add a Widget” button.

Click on the “Text” widget to add it to the sidebar. You may need to scroll down to see the text widget as an option. Once you click on the “Text” widget, it will automatically pop into your sidebar. You can drag and drop your widgets to reorder them.

Then, copy and paste this shortcode into your content where you would like the subscribe form to appear replacing the name-of-template-here with the name of your template or row. Leave the quotation marks.

[fl_builder_insert_layout slug="name-of-template-here"]

Example:If you called the template “Sidebar Subscribe” the name would be “sidebar-subscribe”. Use a hyphen in place of a space like this:

[fl_builder_insert_layout slug="sidebar-subscribe"]