How Add-On Domains Work

Empathysites includes a domain, purchased or transferred to us, in your ongoing support package. If you require an additional domain, it will be considered an add-on.

What Is An Add-On Domain

An add on domain is any domain that is added onto your Empathysites services beyond the single included domain. You may have up to 5 add-on domains.

When you add-on a domain, it includes the yearly renewal of the domain as well as support and management services for the domain as well.

Why Would I Need an Add-On Domain?

You may need an add-on domain if you are changing or have changed your domain from a former website to your current website. Continuing to have both domains registered means that we may help you set up redirects from the former site to the new site. This is helpful because anywhere that the former domain is linked to online will redirect to your new site and it’s also helpful to retain any SEO value that was built on pages at your former domain.

You also may need an add-on domain if you wish to get ongoing support with it. Such as keeping it registered yearly, setting up records, or setting up redirects.

When Not To Purchase An Add-On Domain

If you would like to redirect new domains to your site, new domains being ones that have not formerly been the domain of a published website, for that we do not recommend our Add-On service.

Domains that have never been used on a live website have no value in being redirected. People on the internet will not be able to find links to that domain and search engines, like google, will not have any memory of any value being served at the domain. So if you would like to use multiple domains redirected for either of those reasons, we do not recommend that you do so.

That said, you are still welcome to purchase the Add-On domain service if you would like us to make and manage that domain’s redirection for you. Or in this case you may also want to research if your domain registrar allows for the redirection of your domain to your Empathysite’s domain.

How Much Does an Add-On Domain Cost?

Add on domains at Empathysites incur an additional fee of $30 USD/year per domain and are charged annually. The add-on domain fee is non-refundable and must be paid in advance of the year.