Add A Heading Over A Background Image

Adding a heading over a background image can really make an impact. It’s possible with our site builder to place text over any background image. Here’s how.

Drag and Drop A Heading Into Place

When you activate the page builder for your page, you will have access to the “Add Content” sidebar by default. If it’s not expanded already, click on “Basic Modules” to get a list of basic modules that you may use on your site.

Next, locate “Heading” and drag and drop “Heading” into the blue dotted box that is over your image.

Use Settings To Insert And Style

As soon as your “Heading” is dragged into place, you’ll get the “Heading Settings” window in which you can type in your heading and also access a bunch of style options including font, color, size, alignment and more.

Need More Help?

Reach out to support for more guidance anytime.